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Does Cinnamon In Your Diet Really Work To Lower Cholesterol And Increase HDL Cholesterol?

Many people claim that cinnamon increases the levels of “good cholesterol” and decreases “bad cholesterol”. Researchers say there is good evidence that cinnamon reduces blood clots, and improves plaque formation in arteries. The “evidence-based” tag is appropriate because the research has been extensively done, and a number of trials have compared the effects of cinnamon on various populations.

EvidenceBased Health Benefits of Cinnamon

So, what kind of evidence does the world today point to as being the basis for this? There are several large-scale, placebo-controlled trials involving adults with coronary heart disease. People who take daily doses of dr. cassia cinnamon or cassia cinnamomum (the generic form) experience a significant decrease in triglycerides, while they report no significant change in high-density cholesterol or markers of plaque buildup in the blood vessels. But these studies, while well-designed, were not double-blind, meaning that researchers had control over who was given the placebo and who got the real medication. Furthermore, there was no analysis of whether the patients taking the cinnamon supplement faced an increased risk of stroke or heart attack.

In another group of placebo-controlled studies, researchers say they found strong neuroprotective effects for the same compound found in Dr. Cassia Cinnamon. Neuroprotective effects are a fancy term for a compound that delays the neurovascular damage caused by low blood sugar and/or low blood pressure. These studies suggest cinnamon has very powerful neuroprotective effects. For example, the compound EGCG from the seed of the Cassia plant inhibits the entrance of glucose into the brain, preventing it from becoming either glycogen, which is converted into sugar and used as energy, or glucose, which is used as a fuel by the brain.

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Another group of investigators found that daily doses of the compound improve insulin resistance in diabetes patients. The improvements lasted for up to one year! Insulin resistance occurs when the body’s cells are unable to break down sugars or carbohydrates for energy. The best news is that this compound not only improves insulin resistance, it also appears to improve glucose utilization, which means the cells can use glucose for energy instead of fatty acids.

Finally, there are animal studies highlighting the health benefits of cinnamon. Animal studies conducted on rats showed that the extract prevents the rats from developing tumors. In humans, animal studies showed that cinnamon may help prevent type 2 diabetes, liver disease, and other diseases. The benefits may extend to people, too. In animal studies, cinnamon appears to prevent heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease, and it may help prevent cancer.

What about you? Have you tried to eat a healthy diet, but you’re still not happy? The Dr. Oz cinnamon and green tea diet may be your answer! Cinnamon and green tea extracts have been in popular demand for years, so you know they’ve worked. Do you want to try this exciting new way to lower LDL cholesterol and increase HDL cholesterol? If so, join the millions who are now getting better health thanks to the Dr. Oz cinnamon and green tea diet.

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